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Unparalleled building services for both new and old clubs.

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We pride ourselves on providing unparalleled golf club services for both new and old clubs. Our expert team of technicians and fitting professionals are highly trained and possess an in-depth understanding of the latest technology and techniques in the golf industry. This allows us to deliver a top-quality service that is guided by expertise and knowledge. Whether you are looking for new clubs or enhancing the performance of your existing ones, we have the best available products to ensure that the final product is of the highest standard.

Of course, all club builds come with the Golf Science Guarantee.

Building new clubs

Building new clubs has the advantage of being able to customize the club to fit the specific needs and preferences of the golfer.

Additionally, new clubs can be built with the latest technology, such as adjustable weights and CG placement, which can enhance the performance even more. This can also be beneficial for golfers with unique swing characteristics or physical limitations who may need a club that is specifically tailored to them.

Re-building clubs

Rebuilding old clubs can be a cost-effective option for golfers, as well as being environmentally friendly by reducing waste.

It also allows golfers to keep a sentimental club or one that they have developed a good swing with, while still being able to improve its performance through the rebuilding process.
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