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During a golf fitting, the first stage is a discussion between the fitter and the golfer, which covers the golfer's current game, goals, and any physical limitations or issues. Our Master Club Fitter will also ask about the golfer's experience with different clubs, shafts, and other equipment.



After the discussion, the fitter will use various test equipment to gather data on the golfer's swing and ball flight. The technology used is discussed in our Tech and Services page, these of which measures the club head speed, launch angle, spin rate, and other ball flight parameters. Our Master Club Fitter will also test different equipment such as club head designs, shafts, and other equipment options.
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The final stage of a golf fitting is the report stage, where the fitter will review the data collected during the fitting and make recommendations for equipment. Each component of your fitting will be explained and verified with launch monitor data. Your fitter will also provide a detailed fitting report which includes your recommended equipment, the prescribed build specifications, and a shot report from your launch monitor data.



We pride ourselves on providing unparalleled building services for both new and old clubs. Our expert team of technicians and fitting professionals are highly trained and possess an in-depth understanding of the latest technology and techniques in the golf industry. This allows us to deliver a top-quality service that is guided by expertise and knowledge. 
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